Knife of Ice (1972)

Inspired by the Poe quote about a “knife of ice which penetrates the senses down to the depth of conscience,” Lenzi and Carroll Baker would team one more time for the story of Martha Caldwell, who watched her parents die in a train accident at the tender age of thirteen. Now an adult, she’s still mute from the shock of what she had seen. Even worse, there’s a black gloved Satanic killer stalking the countryside and she seems like the next most likely victim.

Jenny Ascot (Ida Galli, The Psychic) is a famous singer in town to see her cousin Martha. However, hours after the killer stalks the two of them, she’s dispatched. Yet every time the police arrest someone, the murders continue.

You have to love a giallo that has a Manson influenced killer, much less one played by George Rigaud (A Lizard in a Woman’s SkinThe Case of the Bloody IrisAll the Colors of the Dark).

This is a classy giallo compared to much of the sheer lunacy that I watch. But don’t judge it for it’s lack of sleaze. It’s a well-told film crafted by an expert at this type of movie.

You can get this as part of Severin’s The Complete Lenzi/Baker Giallo Collection.

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