Black Candles (1982)

This movie is also called Los ritos sexuales del diablo (The Sexual Rites of the Devil) and in no way is it lying. This is José Ramón Larraz having 84 minutes to gio absolutely berserk, fusing his softcore films of the last few years with his occult and mental disorder efforts of the early to mid 70s. Supposedly he was embarrassed by this movie, but even with that in mind, there are so many wild things in this that you can’t help but stare at it.

This has other titles like Hot Fantasies and Naked Dreams and the film also does all it can to make those titles true. There’s literally non-stop sex in display here, lots of weird early 80s licking kissing and even a young girl laying with a goat in the most diabolical of all Biblical ways (and simulated, so don’t get too worried but still, the fact that I have to call out that the bestiality is fake should tell you exactly what kind of Satan majesties show up in here; that scene was also shot in a historical religious building to add even more sleaze to this).

I’m happy to see Larraz return to the foggy homes in London that are filled within and without with ethereal dread. I wish just as much attention was paid to the supernatural as the sex. But the story — Carol (Vanessa Hidalgo) and her husband Robert (Jeffrey Healy) should have never come to that ancient family manor filled with devils on the walls and Fiona (Helga Liné, Horror Rises From the Tomb) ready to sexually corrupt anyone and everyone. I mean, how could Robert resist? Does he want to get a sword up the backside like that other cultist who screwed this up?

It’s got a great title — actually it has more than one — and an incredible poster and it’s about sex, Satan, sin and sacrifices. I really loved reading other reviews that say, “It gets a little slow,” as if to gloss over that this is a movie filled with drug use, incest, an evil priest and — one more time — that horny goat. Have our lives become so staid that we can’t be shocked by things?

This is the kind of movie that churches salivate over burning.

You can get this from Severin.

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