Amityville II: The Possession

It doesn't matter to me whether or not The Amityville Horror is truth or fiction. The truth is that the original film isn't all that exciting. But the sequel? Holy shit -- the sequel is pretty much everything you want in a movie -- if you love movies filled with horrifyingly sick moments of glee. Damiano Damianim,… Continue reading Amityville II: The Possession

Forbidden World (1982)

A week of only watching Alien ripoffs? Sure. Sign me up. Along the way, I’ve got to explore some old favorites, unearth some dusty TV movie affairs and learned of the existence of 1982’s Forbidden World, another Roger Corman produced effort that uses Galaxy of Terror’s sets and Battle Beyond the Stars’ special effects. Director Allan Holzman (Emmy winning director/editor of Steven… Continue reading Forbidden World (1982)