SLASHER MONTH: Cut and Run (1985)

Cut and Run was originally going to be directed by Wes Craven with the working title Marimba, with Tim McIntire, Dirk Benedict and Christopher Mitchum as the cast. However, when money never showed up, they turned to Ruggero Deodato, who got a script from Cesare Frugoni and Dardano Sacchetti and ended up making Inferno in diretta.

There was a softer R-rated American version and then another one for places that were used to the madness that is Deodato in the jungle.

This one is simple, but the best exploitation movies always are. Reporter Fran Hudson (Lisa Blount, Prince of Darkness) is investigating a war in the jungles of South America between drug cartels and the army of Colonel Brian Horne (Richard Lynch). Yes, that’s right. Richard Lynch in the jungle commanding a cult of maniacs, including Michael Berryman.

Does that sell you? What if I told you that Willie Aames is in it? And he wears a Mickey Mouse shirt throughout?

Man, this movie has an Italian star for every Italian. Eriq La Salle from ER? I’ll give you Laura Gemser’s husband, Gabriele Tinti. Karen Black? I’ll raise you Barbara Magnolfi. Plus, you also get Italian Western actor Leonard Mann, John Steiner, Valentina Forte (from Blastfighter!) and Richard Bright.

Seeing as how this is a Deodato movie, there’s all manner of lunacy, like people being ripped in half and crucified. Instead of making another Cannibal Holocaust, he decided to make his own Apocalpyse Now, but with the kind of cast I’d choose to be in my version of that movie, with a chaser of Flavor Aid from Jonestown.

Claudio Simonetti did the score, which is really all you need to know. This movie is complete junk food, but the best kind of junk food that melts in your hands, your mouth, all over your face and ruins your new shirt, too. It’s filled with massive amounts of sleaze and gore and strangely enough, was filmed with actual English instead of the typical Tower of Babylon shooting style that Italian films usually use.

You can watch this on Tubi.

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