APRIL MOVIE THON 2: I Saw What You Did (1965)

April 1: New boss, same as the old boss — Start the month off with something that’s April Fool’s in nature.

I Saw What You Did had William Castle screaming on posters “This is a motion picture about UXORICIDE!” and installing seatbelts in theater seats. But he had the best gimmick of all: Joan Crawford.

Libby Mannering (Andi Garrett), her younger sister Tess (Sharyl Locke) and Kit Austin (Sara Lane) spend the day

Steve Marak (John Ireland), a man who had just murdered his wife Judith (Joyce Meadows) pramk phone call people. It’s all good fun saying, “I saw what you did” to random people before caller ID until you get Steve Marak (John Ireland). After all, he’s just killed his wife Judith (Joyce Meadows). He shares a party line — yes, back in the 1960s several people shared the same phone line — with Amy (Crawford), his neighbor who has always loved him. She hears the conversation as he invites the girls to his address as he plans to wipe them out.

In the confusion when the girls visit, Marak gets their home address, making this a really tense near home invasion movie. It’s also wild in how it can in some scenes be a comedy and in others intense.

Crawford did four days of work on this movie, making $50,000. Her doctors had to sign a statement saying that she was healthy enough to appear as she had just left the set of Hush…Hush, Sweet Charlotte. She’d next appear in DellaTrog and Berserk before appearing in some TV roles and retiring.

In 1988, there was a TV movie directed by Fred Walton that starred Robert and David Carradine as well as Tammy Lauren and Shawnee Smith.

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