APRIL MOVIE THON 2: Tamara (2005)

April 1: New boss, same as the old boss — Start the month off with something that’s April Fool’s in nature.

Tamara Riley (former dancer Jenna Dewan) is, well, Carrie and is in love with the only person who treats her with any kindness, her teacher Mr. Natolly (Matthew Marsden). She’s also a talented writer, but when an article about steroid abuse amongst her school’s athletes gets published, two of them — Shawn (Bryan Clark) and Patrick (Gil Hacohen) — want revenge.

Did I mention that Tamara is Carrie? Well, she’s also a witch and tries a love spell that binds her to her beloved teacher. How amazing is it that he calls her right away and asks her to join him in a motel? That’s really the jocks, along with Kisha (Melissa Elias) — who is in on the plan — and Chloe (Katie Stuart), Jesse (Chad Faust) and Roger (Marc Devigne) — who aren’t. And said plan goes horribly wrong, as when they surprise her and start filming her nude, she flips out and is killing seconds later. Just like I Know What You Did Last Summer, everyone is guilty even if they were just there as they all agree to cover it up.

Except that Tamara shows up for school the next day, looking like a whole new woman. Beyond looking like the most gorgeous girl in school, she’s also able to suggest that people do things, like making Roger broadcast his self-mutilation and suicide. She then visits Mr. Natolly’s wife (Claudette Mink) and calls her infertile, a secret the couple had, before forcing her father — who wants to sleep with her because, well, horror movies — to eat a beer bottle.

She can now even control her tormentors, sending them to kill Allison. I mean, nearly everyone dies in this movie — yes, spoilers for a movie made 17 years ago — even the best of people, all because of pranks. Will we ever learn?

Directed by Jeremy Haft and written by Jeffrey Reddick (whose writing of the first Final Destination gets mentioned on the poster), Tamara is pretty much a mid 2000s horror film trying to redo the past and not getting all that far with it.

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