Followers (2021)

Directed and written by Marcus Harben, this British found footage movie is all about Jonty (Harry Jarvis), who had a very public freakout on the reality show Brats of Belgravia and hasn’t really gotten hismelf all that together. He starts that return to popularity by moving into a home with Zauna (Loreece Harrison), Amber (Erin Austen) Pete (Daniel Cahill) and the ghost of Dawn (Jessica Webber), a 90s rave girl. Supposedly, they’re all college students, a fact ignored by campus therapist Becky Dunbar (Nina Wadia) who really just wants to be an internet star as much as the rest of them.

The thing is, Dawn is dangerous but she also brings tons of followers to each of them. So they keep her around, in spite of the fact that she could kill any or all of them.

I really liked how this kept showing each person’s channel and explained why the camera has to keep rolling — they need the money — as horrifying things happen all around them. While I haven’t been swayed to the need for influencers or found footage movies by Followers, it’s well made and there are several screenes that made me laugh, which is more than most of the progeny of the Blair Witch have ever done.

Followers is now available from Terror Films.

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