The Aftermath (1982)

Writer/producer/director/lead actor Steve Barkett only would create one other movie -- 1990's Empire of the Dark, in which a private detective battles a Satanic cult, monsters and ninjas -- but he lent his auteur spirit to this post-apocalyptic bit of strangeness. Barkett was such an artist that while he originally filmed this in 1978, he wasn't… Continue reading The Aftermath (1982)

Battletruck (1982)

Imagine you're a Hollywood studio. Let's say you're New World Pictures. You want to ride this wave of post-apocalyptic goodness from Mad Max, but you're just been hit by the 1981 Writers Guild of America strike. What will you do now? Go to New Zealand, that's what. Also known as Warlords of the 21st Century… Continue reading Battletruck (1982)

First Blood (1982)

The first of the Rambo films has an interesting pedigree. It comes from director Ted Kotcheff (the original Dick and Jane, North Dallas Forty, Uncommonn Valor, Weekend at Bernies) and was based on a downbeat 1972 book by David Morrell. When Stephen King taught creative writing at the University of Maine, he used First Blood as a textbook. Ten… Continue reading First Blood (1982)

Silent Rage (1982)

What if you combine the director of Jackson County Jail -- Michael Miller -- and Chuck Norris, America's favorite karate man, then make Chuck fight the Frankenstein Monster in a movie that's as if John Wayne wandered into a slasher? Then you'd have 1982's utterly bizarre Silent Rage (or the 2009 remake, Indestructible). Seriously -- Chuck Noris sidekicks… Continue reading Silent Rage (1982)