Strange Voices (1987)

Arthur Allan Seidelman made his directing debut creating the Arnold Schwarzenegger movie Hercules in New York. Somehow, they allowed him to keep making movies, including this TV movie all about a family dealing with schizophrenia.

Nancy McKeon is Nicole, a college student who suddenly goes off the rails due to the disease. Her family — Valerie Harper, Stephen Macht and Tricia Leigh Fisher — don’t understand.

Marta Kristen — June Robinson! — and Millie Perkins, who was in The Diary of Anne Frank, are also on hand.

If you ever wanted to see Jo from Faces of Life yell things like, “I am turning to stone. Every time I start to feel something, you give me another pill and I turn into stone!” then I advise you watch this.

Here it is on YouTube:

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