SLASHER MONTH: Blood Delirium (1988)

Man, has John Phillip Law been around the world or what? Here he plays a painter — who thinks he’s the reincarnation of Van Gogh — whose wife’s death sends him even deeper down the path of no return who decides to dig up her bones for inspiration. Then he finds another woman who looks just like his wife — alert Joe D’Amato, someone is ripping you off for once — and she discovers that his necrophiliac butler (Gordon Mitchell!) is killing women and bottling their blood for the artist’s paint.

Director Sergio Bergonzelli was an early Italian Western director, making The Last Gun and Colt in the Hand of the Devil before making just one very odd giallo — In the Folds of the Flesh — before a career in sex movies. He came back to make the more mainstream erotic thriller Tentazione, then this movie and finally one more sexy film with Malizia oggi.

Why Severin hasn’t released this — and Spider Labyrinth — is beyond me.

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