SLASHER MONTH: Sledgehammer (1983)

You know, David A. Prior has beaten me so many times, I wonder why I even come back. I just know I’m going to get hurt again and just look at the art for this movie, the worst video box I’ve ever seen, a cover so poor that it’s stopped me from watching this numerous times.

Yet here I am.

So ten years or so ago, this little kid got locked in the closet while his mom and her lover planned to run away but then someone came in and sledgehammered them both, which seems to be a very crossfit way to kill someone.

So yeah, a seance by a bunch of horny kids brings the little boy back in the form of an enormous man with a clear mask that can somehow only be defeated by its own sledgehammer, which feels incredibly stupid.

But you know, at some point, all the bad acting and thirtysomething teenagers and food fights give way to mind-numbing murders and that’s what I’m here for, the catharsis that for some reason comes from movies shot in the woods outside a suburban development or, in this movie’s example, the director’s apartment. Everybody came to have fun and make something bloody and they ended up getting this onto the shelves of video stores across the country and that makes me happier than I can explain to you.

Man, if you love slow motion, let me tell you, they made this movie for you.

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