House of Lost Souls (1989)

Hell yeah this is Ghosthouse 3 and it is filled with all the magic and absolutely baffling things that make the original film something that I love like others feel appreciation for fine paintings or great food.

Directed and written by Umberto Lenzi, this movie has the most basic of outlines, as a group of people stay at a cursed hotel. And then, as I like to say, hijinks ensue.

There’s a ghost monk that wouldn’t exist if Romero didn’t include a Hare Krishna in one of his movies, as well as a bear trap bloodbath that is pretty darn upsetting and all the head lopping, knife stabbing and a child killed by a washing machine, which is the kind of thing that makes Italian horror — even at the end of it all — so worthwhile.

Plus — Claudio Simonetti makes music that absolutely works for this. Seriously, the ghost movies of Lenzi are the hot chocolate at the end of a cold day, a balm for my constantly besieged and worried soul.

This is part of the Doomed Houses TV movie series — that was never aired on TV because Lenzi and Fulci just went for it with the blood and gore — that includes The Sweet House of Horrors, The House of Clocks and The House of Witchcraft. If you’re a normal person, these movies are complete wastes of time.

I find them essential.

You can watch this on YouTube.

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