CANNON MONTH 2: Rescue Me (1992)

When Ginny Grafton (Ami Dolenz) is kidnapped, so the young man who’s been in love with her all through high school — Fraser Sweeney (Stephen Dorff) — teams up with town rebel Daniel “Mac” MacDonald (Michael Dudikoff) to go across the country to rescue her.

Also known as Street Hunter, William Lucking and Peter DeLuise plays the kidnappers, Dee Wallace-Stone plays Fraser’s mom and even Samantha Phillips (Phantasm II) and Kimberley Kates (Chained Heat 2) show up.

The problem for everybody is that Ginny is no kidnapped princess and uses everyone against one another, even running from the kidnappers only to go to a concert and hook up with the lead singer of the band.

This movie can’t figure out whether it’s a coming of age story, an action film or a comedy. It can be all of those things, but it’s not particularly good at any of them. It’s directed by Arthur Allan Seidelman, who also made Hercules In New York. That should tell you what you’re getting into. That said, I enjoy Dudikoff and Dorff, so this movie was watchable thanks to them.

You can watch this on Tubi.

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