UPDATE: You can watch this movie on Tubi.

Just the name L.A. AIDS Jabber is going to offend you or make you want to see this or perhaps even both. Originally released as Jabber in the 90s in the most limited of releases — in the thousands and all self-distributed by creator Drew Godderis — this is the story of Jeff (Jason Majik) and what happens when he finds out that the illness that he’s been feeling could very well be a death sentence.

1994 is a very different place than 2022, but then again, is it so different? We’re still dealing with a pandemic that has been politicized, except that when AIDS was unleashed, it was originally thought to be some form of cancer that only impacted homosexual men (shades of the media as monkeypox became this year’s illness) and any stories of straight men or women didn’t appear on the news.

So when Jeff finds out from his doctor that he has HIV, the disease that causes AIDS, he’s certain that this is the end of his world. Then why shouldn’t it be the end of the world for everyone he can take down along the way?

Jeff gets the bright idea to start filing his blood into syringes and tracking down everyone who wronged him, then injecting them with his infernal hemoglobin. And thus we have a shot on video movie — by necessity, as you can learn in my exclusive interview with Drew — that is filled with shock upon shock.

The thing that’s most astounding about this movie is that despite being SOV it doesn’t seem like a low end production. Yeah, it’s sleazy — would you expect a movie with this title to be any other way? — but it also explores the life of the cops on the case as well as what drove Jeff to go for broke. And man, the soundtrack! It sounds amazing!

Back in 2000, Snopes explored the urban legend that drug addicts were placing their used, HIV-infused needles into pay phone coin slots in order to infect others, as well as another story about AIDS terrorists leaving HIV needles in movie theater seats. Yeah whatever, crazy people of the world. L.A. AIDS Jabber got there first. And of course, it did it better.

Visual Vegenace has put out the first wide release of the movie — available from MVD — since it was self-distributed by director Drew Godderis himself and the blu ray is packed with newly produced bonus features and commentary from the original creators such as:

  • Director’s Introduction to Movie (2021)
  • Commentary Track with Director Drew Godderis
  • Lethal Injection: The Making of L.A. AIDS Jabber with Director Drew Godderis
  • Bleeding The Pack: An Interview with Lead Actor Jason Majick
  • L.A. AIDS Jabber – 2021 Locations Visit
  • Interview with Blood Diner Director Jackie Kong
  • Growing Up On Set: Justin Godderis
  • Actress Joy Yurada Interview
  • Cinematographer Rick Bradach Interview
  • Interview with Actor Gene Webber
  • Liner notes by Tony Strauss of Weng’s Chop Magazine
  • L.A. AIDS Jabber Photo Gallery
  • Blood Video Fanzine Essay by Billy Burgess
  • L.A. AIDS Jabber Trailer (2021)
  • Limited Edition Slipcase — FIRST PRINTING ONLY
  • Collectible folded mini-poster
  • “Stick Your Own” VHS stickers
  • Reversible BR sleeve featuring original VHS art
  • Visual Vengeance Trailers

For more details on the label and updates on new releases – as well as news on upcoming releases – follow Visual Vengeance on social media – IG, Facebook or twitter

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