The Dallas Connection (1994)

This is the second of the L.E.T.H.A.L. Ladies films that were directed by Drew Sidaris, with help from his father and mother in production. This time, there's a big scientific convention in Dallas, but the scientists in charge of a sophisticated, state-of-the-art, satellite weapon-tracking system are being killed off. Bruce Penhall is Chris Cannon… Continue reading The Dallas Connection (1994)

Stargate (1994)

Dean Devlin and Roland Emmerich were the dynamic duo of the 1990's, between blockbusters like Universal Soldier, Godzilla and Independence Day. They always envisioned Stargate as being part one of a trilogy, but the other two films have never been made. It's a total popcorn film, unafraid of its own silliness, a movie that Roger Ebert selected as one… Continue reading Stargate (1994)


When I was 16 years old, I probably watched Phantasm II every single day. Honestly, I was completely obsessed with the film and its gliding metal spheres that promised destruction every time they whizzed past the screen. At that stage of my life, I hated where I was and couldn't wait to be where I was… Continue reading WATCH THE SERIES: Phantasm

DEATH WISH WEEK: Death Wish 5: The Face of Death (1994)

You think Paul Kersey has learned his lesson about love and loss? No way, pal. Now back in New York City in the witness protection program and going by Paul Stewart, he's keeping a low profile by going to fashion shows with his super hot girlfriend (Lesley-Anne Down) who also has a young daughter named… Continue reading DEATH WISH WEEK: Death Wish 5: The Face of Death (1994)

WATCH THE SERIES: A Nightmare on Elm Street part three

Where could a Nightmare on Elm Street go after five movies, a TV series and numerous appearances in pop culture? Freddy had gone from a horrifying villain to somehow, the hero of the series. Sure, this had happened to Godzilla and Gamera, but those monsters were always friends of children, not murderers of them. Wes Craven's… Continue reading WATCH THE SERIES: A Nightmare on Elm Street part three

In the Mouth of Madness (1994)

After The Thing and Prince of Darkness, this is the third and final part of John Carpenter's  Apocalypse Trilogy. It's a film that plays with the very notion of reality, how fictional characters perceive themselves within a narrative and issues of creation itself. It's a natural next step after Prince of Darkness, playing with many of the same… Continue reading In the Mouth of Madness (1994)

STEPHEN KING WEEK: The Stand (1994)

The unabridged version of the stand is 1,152 pages. How do you film that? How do you capture everything? This 1994 miniseries -- originally airing from May 8 - 12 of that year -- made a valiant effort. It's nearly impossible to get in every character from the book, but that doesn't mean that… Continue reading STEPHEN KING WEEK: The Stand (1994)


Daryl and Kevin Walker (Damon Wayans and David Alan Grier) are brothers who grew up idolizing Batman, watching the 1960's show and dressing up and playacting crime fighting. As their neighborhood deteriorated around them, Kevin became a cameraman. Daryl may be a simple man-child, but he excels at repairing and inventing things. And he may… Continue reading LEAGUE OF FORGOTTEN HEROES: Blankman (1994)