Carnosaur (1993)

You have to love a movie that has a rubber dinosaur effect and also the budget to get Diane Ladd in its cast, much less one based on a book.

Dr. Jane Tiptree’s (Ladd) plan to exterminate the human race with a lethal virus and replace them with her own genetically created dinosaurs, which seems like something I can get behind. She’s been creating special chickens — Death Laid an Egg? — that hatch lizards and give people the flu and you know, that’s a very specialized plan for taking over the world.

Doc Smith (Raphael Sbarge) and Ann Thrush (Jennifer Runyon) are our protagonists and man, they’re ineffective throughout this movie and pay the price for it. I mean, for a movie with an obvious rubber dinosaur this is a movie that will shock you with scenes of families getting gunned down like they wandered onto the set of The Crazies.

Within a secret bunker, the new world order plans to repopulate the human face through artificial wombs and strict fertilization rules; Diane Ladd gets herself sick off her own disease and dies but not before she gives birth to a baby dinosaur and Smith crashes a backhoe into another big lizard. But — and man, I feel like saying spoiler warning but I doubt anyone cares about Carnosaur as much as me — he gets the cure to Ann just in time for government troops to shoot them and burn their bodies.

The really funny part is that Roger Corman rushed this out before Jurassic Park and had Laura Dern’s mom — Ladd — in his movie, which is some kind of casting miracle.

“The last thing we need is a biotech panic about chickens!”

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