Condenados a vivir (1972)

Cut-Throats Nine arrives at a time when Italian westerns were struggling to stand out. This film does so by being as mean as it gets and filled with shocking levels of blood and gore. There was even a William Castle-style promo item, a Terror Mask, made so audiences could hide their eyes during the bloodshed and mayhem.

A remake of the original posted on The Daily Grindhouse.

Sergeant Brown (Robert Hundar) and his daughter Sarah (Emma Cohen) are taking a chain gang of seven convicts to the other side of a mountain range and the prison of Fort Green. Bandits attacks, looking for gold, not realizing that the chains that hold the men are made from it. Then, things get worse. Much worse.

A throat is slashed, the daughter is assaulted, a man is stabbed so many times that his entrails are visible, someone is shot through the eye and a man is burned alive. Brown is also convinced that one of the men killed his wife, so perhaps he doesn’t see the need to get them to their destination alive. But who knows if anyone will get there.

Director Joaquín Luis Romero Marchent made movies until 1995 but the main films of his career were made in the early 70s and the western cycle. It’s also bleak beyond hope, as even the one character that cares for Sarah beyond her father, Dean, may be the absolute worst of all of the convicts who are being used simply to transport wealth, their lives meaningless.

You can watch this on Tubi.

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