Killer Workout (1987)

Killer Workout is not the same movie as Death Spa. Sure, they’re both about a killer let loose inside a health club, but they’re totally different movies.

Originally titled Aerobicide, this is all about a fitness club in LA owned by Rhonda Johnson (Marcia Karr, Savage Streets). The co-owner is her twin sister who was burned in a tanning salon two years ago and is presumed deceased. The action kicks in when members of the gym start getting killed in horrible ways. And by that, I mean a giant safety pin. Yes, this is the second movie I’ve seen in the last few months where a pin is used to kill people (Lucio Fulci’s Murder Rock, stand up and take a bow).

This is the second David Prior movie I’ve endured in the past few days (The Final Sanction will be posted soon enough). It’s also worth mentioning that even after the final kill and reveal, there is still an extended aerobics number. If you miss the 80’s, particularly spandex and people wearing outfits that put their entire butt on display, I’m pretty much telling you that this is the exact movie you’re looking for. Unless you were thinking of Death Spa.

You can get the Slasher // Video blu ray at Amazon or watch this for free on Amazon Video with a Prime membership.

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