The Supernaturals (1986)

Armand Mastroianni brought us the screen debut of Tom Hanks in He Knows You’re Alone. Here, he combines a cast of people who will make you say, “Hey isn’t that…” and puts them up against an army of undead Confederate soldiers.

During the Civil War, a Confederate town is taken over and all of the soldiers are ordered to walk a minefield, including young Jeremy, who is forced to do so because he has on the uniform. Only he and his mother survive.

Fast forward to 1986, where the Army’s 44th division — the same one that screwed over the southern soldiers in the past — are conducting war games under the command of Sgt. Leona Hawkins (yes, that’s Nichelle Nichols from Star Trek). There’s also Pvt. Ellis (Maxwell Caulfield, Rex Manning himself from Empire Records), Pvt. Lejune (Talia Balsam, Crawlspace and the first wife of George Clooney, as well as the daughter of Psycho‘s Martin Balsam), Pvt. Osgood (Levar Burton, uniting the original and TNG Star Trek casts), Pvt. Cort (Bobby Di Cicco, The Philadelphia Experiment), Pvt. Mendez (Scott fucking Jacoby from Bad Ronald) and Maurice Gibb in a cameo as a Union soldier (he also wrote a soundtrack that wasn’t used).

Of course, someone fucks around in the woods and the undead rise to claim the living. Everything feels rather low rent, which is fine, because the actual zombies look rather good and the reveal of who is behind the actual return of the dead is rather interesting.

This is way better than it should be and in the hands of a better director would have been pretty interesting. As it is, it’ll definitely pass an afternoon.

You can find it streaming on Amazon Prime. Otherwise, this has never come out on DVD, only a VHS release. They must have just taken one of those copies for the one that’s streaming, because it’ll remind you of renting a 1986 film after twenty years of rentals, tracking problems and all. If that makes you happy to read, thanks for being one of our readers. You’re on the right website.

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