HOUSE WEEK: Beyond Darkness/La Casa 5(1990)

Who better to take on the La Casa franchise — films that are not sequels and are not connected to one another — than the man who made Troll 2, a movie that is not a sequel and is also not about trolls?

Yep. Claudio Fragasso (Monster DogRats: Night of Terror) is in control of your movie watching experience and he’s brought Troll 2 child actor Michael Stephenson along for another ride through the bottom of the movie making barrel.

A priest and his family — right off the bat, you could see that this script has holes you can drive the Landmaster from Damnation Alley through because Catholic priests can’t marry — move into a new house. Bad news for them, good news for us —  it was built over the graves of twenty dead witches.

Their son gets possessed, along with a radio and a meat cleaver. Oh yeah — there’s also the ghost of a female serial killer who wants to eat the souls of children.

And in another of those “they should have known better” moments, this is all filmed in the same building as Fulci’s The Beyond!

If you’re looking for the madcap moments that Troll 2 has, you won’t find them here. This is a more linear and controlled film, except for the crazed performance by David Brandon as Father George, an alcoholic priest whose contact with a demon has made him question his faith. You’ll marvel as he wanders down real city streets with real people — not extras — ranting like a maniac! But what do you expect? He watched a serial killer orgasm in the electric chair surrounded by the trapped spirits of her victims!

Looking for a copy for yourself? Shout! Factory has this on a double disk, along with the George Eastman directed Metamorphosis. You can also watch it on Shudder.

5 thoughts on “HOUSE WEEK: Beyond Darkness/La Casa 5(1990)

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