Return from Witch Mountain (1978)

In the second Witch Mountain movie, Ike Eisenmann, Kim Richards and Denver Pyle all come back as Tony, Tia, and Uncle Bené, a family of extraterrestrials with special powers. How could they make this even better, you wonder? How about by having Bette Davis as the film’s villain, a woman named Letha Wedge, who is financing the mad science of Dr. Victor Gannon (Christopher Lee).

Just imagine how many bad movies I’ve enjoyed just because Ms. Davis or Sir Lee appeared in. Both of them in the same film? You know that I jumped up and down for most of the run time of this.

It’s funny because the bad guys have such cross purposes: Gannon wants recognition and power, while Letha merely wants to achieve better ROI. They see Tony using his power, kidnap him and turn him into a robot that steals gold for them.

This movie also has kids living in a destroyed mansion — the Earthquake Gang — and Jack Soo from Barney Miller as Mr. “Yo-Yo” Yokomoto, an adult on the side of the good guys. Sadly, Soo was diagnosed with esophageal cancer in the autumn of 1978, several months after the film’s release. He’d die just a few months later, making this his final appearance.

While John Hough would return to direct, the script for this was written by Malcolm Marmorstein, who wrote 69 episodes of Dark Shadows, the incredible Juan López Moctezuma-directed Mary, Mary, Bloody MaryPete’s Dragon and wrote and directed Dead Men Don’t Die and Love Bites.

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