The Norseman (1978)

Look, I can hear you laughing. An 11th-century Viking prince -- played by Lee Majors of all people -- sets sails for North America to find his missing father, who has been captured by Native Americans. Yes, it's ridiculous. But it's also directed by Charles B. Pierce, who brought us The Town That Dreaded Sundown and The Legend of… Continue reading The Norseman (1978)

TABLOID WEEK: The Force Beyond (1978)

The Weekly World News was launched in 1979 by The National Enquirer publisher Generoso Pope, Jr. as a means to keep using the black-and-white press that when that higher profile tabloid went to full color. Unlike any of the other rags you'd get at the supermarket, The Weekly World News was unafraid to wildly speculate on aliens, monsters and Elvis. It also introduced Batboy to the… Continue reading TABLOID WEEK: The Force Beyond (1978)

TABLOID WEEK: Bud and Lou (1978)

This movie crushed me as a child. I had always loved Bud Abbott and Lou Costello, watching their thirty-six films on Sunday mornings, right after Ma and Pa Kettle films. Seriously, weekends in Pittsburgh in the 1970's and 80's were amazing. You stayed up all night watching Chiller Theater and then woke up late and took… Continue reading TABLOID WEEK: Bud and Lou (1978)

BASTARD PUPS OF JAWS: Bermuda: Cave of the Sharks (1978)

I watched this movie at 6 AM on a Saturday night/Sunday morning with my ears buzzing from a Sleep concert, cotton-mouthed from being at said Sleep concert and eating cereal half awake with I watched it in Spanish with no subtitles. I think that may be the best way to experience any movie. Director Tonino Ricci… Continue reading BASTARD PUPS OF JAWS: Bermuda: Cave of the Sharks (1978)

BASTARD PUPS OF JAWS: Piranha (1978)

Piranha almost never made it to the theater. Universal Studios had considered obtaining an injunction to prevent it from being released, particularly as they had Jaws 2 out that year, but the lawsuit was called off after Steven Spielberg himself gave the film a positive comment (he also called the film the "best of the Jaws ripoffs").… Continue reading BASTARD PUPS OF JAWS: Piranha (1978)

CHILLING CLASSICS MONTH: The Alpha Incident (1978)

The first Bill Rebane movie I saw was the berserk Tiny Tim vehicle Blood Harvest. Once I realized that The Alpha Mission -- one of his older efforts -- is on the Chilling Classics box set -- I jumped on it. Much like Night of the Living Dead, a space probe has returned, this time from Mars.… Continue reading CHILLING CLASSICS MONTH: The Alpha Incident (1978)

CHILLING CLASSICS MONTH: War of the Robots (1978)

Paul Andolina, whose writes the site Wrestling with Film, is in charge today. Beyond loving wrestling, he also knows a ton about Russian and lucha films (and he even speaks pretty good Spanish, so we hear!). War of the Robots -- originally titled La Guerra dei Robot -- is an Italian science fiction film released in 1978… Continue reading CHILLING CLASSICS MONTH: War of the Robots (1978)

2018 Scarecrow Psychotronic Challenge Day 7: Jubilee (1978)

The Scarecrow Psychotronic Challenge for today is 7. HELL ON EARTH. Watch a post-apocalypse movie. Bonus if it has punks (see the Destroy All Movies definition of punk) in it. We've watched so many post-apocalyptic movies that it was hard to find one that we hadn't had on the site. And punks made it an even… Continue reading 2018 Scarecrow Psychotronic Challenge Day 7: Jubilee (1978)