ATTACK OF THE CLONES: Starcrash (1978)

After the Star Wars became an international sensation, Luigi Cozzi (the batshit insane Hercules movies with Lou Ferrigno, Contamination, Monster Shark) was able to round up a decent budget to make a film called Empire of the Stars, which eventually became this film. Cozzi battled against food poisoning of the cast and crew and even a Communist worker revolt which… Continue reading ATTACK OF THE CLONES: Starcrash (1978)

ATTACK OF THE CLONES: Message from Space (1978)

At nearly half the budget of Star Wars -- $6 to $7 million dollars -- Message from Space was the most expensive movie in Japanese history up until 1980. At the time, it was routinely panned by the critics. Yet watching it nearly 40 years later, I was struck by just how ambitious, fun and strange it… Continue reading ATTACK OF THE CLONES: Message from Space (1978)

PAPERBACKS FROM HELL WEEK: The Dark Secret of Harvest Home (1978)

Thomas Tryon was an actor before he was an author. It nearly ruined him. While his biggest triumph as an actor was his Golden Globes winning role in The Cardinal, he was subject to the abuses of director Otto Preminger. An example? Preminger fired Tryon in front of his parents when they visited the film, only rehiring after he felt that the actor… Continue reading PAPERBACKS FROM HELL WEEK: The Dark Secret of Harvest Home (1978)

The Legacy (1978)

The rich. The powerful. The satanic. And a white cat. Yes, The Legacy really has it all. As Bill Van Ryn of Groovy Doom says, "It's Suspiria and The Omen in a blender." Maggie Walsh (Katherine Ross, The Stepford Wives and The Swarm) and Pete Danner (a really young Sam Elliott, Mask and The Big Lebowski) get a strange call for their… Continue reading The Legacy (1978)


In the five years between The Crazies and Martin, much had changed, both in the life of George Romero and his adopted hometown of Pittsburgh. After the post-World War II economic boom, an outdated manufacturing base -- that had already been overextended for the past two decades -- was further taxed by hostile relationships between management and… Continue reading GEORGE ROMERO TRIBUTE: Martin (1978)

Sgt. Pepper’s Lonely Heart’s Club Band (1978)

Often one goes into a bad movie asking — to borrow the name of a highly entertaining podcast — how did this get made? Or worse, you have to stop and ask yourself, in the case of a film that ends up offending both target audiences, such as 1972s The Pink Angels, who exactly is this… Continue reading Sgt. Pepper’s Lonely Heart’s Club Band (1978)