Chatterbox (1977)

You know what Deep Throat was about? Well, Chatterbox is the exact opposite — a woman who discovers that she has not just another voice, but a whole other personality inside her vagina.

Penelope (Candice Rialson, the inspiration for Bridget Fonda’s character in Jackie Brown and the star of Pets) is a hairdresser who learns that her vagina can speak after it makes fun of her lover’s lack of sexual skill.

Soon after, her lady business gets her in all sorts of trouble, like getting a lesbian client to tackle her at her hairdresser job (her boss is played by Rip Taylor, who is over the top and out of control, but why else would you hire Rip Taylor, you know?).

She then reveals her secret to her therapist, Dr. Pearl (Larry Gelman from TV’s The Bob Newhart Show and porn’s Alice in Wonderland). Soon, they both learn that she can sing from her hoo-hah and this leads her to become a big star. Oh yeah — her vagina is named Virginia and becomes more loved by her mother and more famous and in demand than its owner.

If you ever wanted to see someone sing showtunes and disco from their secret garden, then this is the film for you. I don’t know who you are, but I know they haven’t made all that many movies for you.

This is as 1977 as it gets. I mean, it has Professor Irwin Corey, the guy who accepted Thomas Pynchon’s National Book Award Fiction Citation for Gravity’s Rainbow with a pun-filled speech that confused many and was a frequent talk show guest that went on to panhandle for charity well into his 90’s.

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