Originally airing on February 2, 1974 on ABC, this Theodore Spurgeon adaption answers the question we’ve all been asking: “Who would win in a fight to the death – a man or a bulldozer?” Sure, a mysterious meteorite is behind it all, but this one’s really all about machine on man violence.

This one has Clint Walker (The Phynx, as well as TV movies like Snowbeast and Scream of the Wolf), James Wainwright (TV’s Beyond Westworld), Carl Betz (Donna Reed’s TV husband), Neville Brand (Eyes of the Night and Without Warning, James A. Watson Jr. and Vega$ star Robert Urich are all up against an alien aura possessed Caterpillar D9 bulldozer that takes them out one by one.

The story — and this movie — were popular enough that Marvel Comics featured an adaption in Worlds Unknown #6, released the very same year as this film.

Thanks to Conan O’Brien, this film has become a punchline. It’s also become the name of a somewhat famous band. It’s a product of its time — a 70’s TV movie on a low budget — but it’s entertaining enough. 

UPDATE: This is now available on blu ray and DVD from Kino Lorber.

2 thoughts on “GRANDSON OF MADE FOR TV MOVIE WEEK: Killdozer (1974)

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