Day of the Animals (1977)

William Girder died in a helicopter crash while scouting locations in 1978. If that hadn't ended his life, who knows the heights of lunacy he would have achieved? In just six years, he directed nine feature films -- Asylum of Satan, The Get Man, Three on a Meathook, The Manitou, Sheba Baby, Project: Kill, the astonishing Abby, Grizzly and...Day of the Animals.… Continue reading Day of the Animals (1977)

Cathy’s Curse – Take Two! (1977)

This article originally appeared in Drive-In Asylum #12, which you can buy right here.  It's the second -- and probably not the last -- time I've talked about Cathy's Curse, a movie that will own your very will to live. There has never before or since been a movie where pure evil finds its origin in a… Continue reading Cathy’s Curse – Take Two! (1977)

BASTARD PUPS OF JAWS: Tentacles (1977)

Somehow, Ovidio Assonitis (Beyond the Door, Madhouse, The Visitor) must have had pictures of people in Hollywood in very compromising positions. How else could he have gotten Hollywood royalty like Henry Fonda, Shelley Winters and John Huston to appear in a movie about a giant killer octopus? Want to know how far Assonitis went to rip off Jaws? The… Continue reading BASTARD PUPS OF JAWS: Tentacles (1977)

LOST TV WEEK: Dead of Night (1977)

Much like Trilogy of Terror, Dead of Night is made up of tales written by Richard Matheson (the first segment is based on a Jack Finney story) in a portmanteau format. Originally airing on March 29, 1977, this TV movie is not as well remembered. There are three stories: "Second Chance," where Ed Begley Jr. buys… Continue reading LOST TV WEEK: Dead of Night (1977)

LOST TV WEEK: The Possessed (1977)

Originally airing on May 7, 1977, The Possessed is the kind of movie where you say, "This would be a good series." That's because it's a back door pilot for a show that never happened. I really wish that it would have. Kevin Leahy (James Farentino) is a Catholic priest who has fallen from his faith. He… Continue reading LOST TV WEEK: The Possessed (1977)

LOST TV WEEK: Good Against Evil (1977)

Originally airing on May 22, 1977, this attempt at a weekly series comes from director Paul Wendkos (The Mephisto Waltz, Secrets, Haunts of the Very Rich) and Hammer veteran Jimmy Sangster (The Legacy; Scream, Pretty Peggy; Horror of Dracula; The Revenge of Frankenstein). I was really excited about the potential of this one, which promises from its Amazon listing… Continue reading LOST TV WEEK: Good Against Evil (1977)

LOST TV WEEK: Spectre (1977)

Originally airing on May 21, 1977, this show was co-written by Gene Roddenberry and Star Trek writer Samuel A. Peebles and directed by Clive Donner (What's New Pussycat, the Get Smart reboot The Nude Bomb (which had Sylvia Kristel in it!) and the 1981 Charlie Chan reboot Charlie Chan and the Curse of the Dragon Queen). William Sebastian (Robert Culp, I Spy, The Greatest… Continue reading LOST TV WEEK: Spectre (1977)