Emanuelle in America (1977)

I love Mondo Macabro. They put out amazing releases and clean up neglected foreign films, making things a million times better than they have any right to. Just this year they’ve released a slew of films that have never even been put out on DVD in our country. They’re one of my favorite labels.

However, they nearly got me in trouble by sending me a review copy of this film. With no warning, my wife opened it and instantly called and asked why I bought it. Thanks — I hate looking a gift horse in the mouth (and this movie does way more than look when it comes to horses).

Oh yeah — this entire review is NSFW. You’ve been warned.


This is the second in this series of movies to be directed by Joe D’Amoto. Whatever name he uses, you know exactly the kind of insanity that that name means.

Emanuelle — notice the missing M to denote that this has just enough legally not to do with the French film that starred Sylvia Kistel but just enough to make you think that it may — is a photojournalist out to get a great story no matter what. No matter what often means that she’s getting naked and in trouble, starting with an angry virginal boyfriend of a model that wants her dead.

She’s played by Laura Gemser, who has also used the name Moira Chen, and if you’ve seen a Bruno Mattei or D’Amoto film, you know exactly who she is. I’d recommend her star turn as a psychic who gets menaced by mutant fishmen in Endgame myself.

Here, she’s on the trail of playboy Eric Van Darren, who is enslaving women and creating a harem. She also hooks up with Italian duke Alfredo Elvize (Gemser’s real-life husband Gabriele Tinti who is in Enter the Devil if you’d like to descend further down the funnel of Italian scum) and his wife (Paola Senatore, Eaten Alive!). 

You may be like — hey, this seems like the typical Cinemax After Dark film, albeit with much better production values and one hell of a musical score. That’d be correct until Emanuelle ends up going to an island where every fantasy can become reality. Hold the Ricardo Montalban!

That’s when she discovers that some of the folks there like making love while watching films of young women dying. Yep — snuff films!

Emanuelle is disgusted and quits her job to go on a long vacation with her boyfriend. Of course, she’s soon come back for Emanuelle Around the World, where she meets a guru who promises the ultimate orgasm. And that guru is, of course, played by George Eastman. Ivan Rassimov also shows up, and if you suddenly started searching for this film, you get why I spend so much time writing about movies on this site.

After that, D’Amoto and Gemser would team up for perhaps an even more insane tale than this one, Emanuelle and the Last Cannibals, and one other Black Emanuelle film, 1978’s Emanuelle and the White Slave Trade.

If you saw the version of this that played on Cinemax or Showtime in the 1980’s, you didn’t get the full uncut madness that appears on this blu ray. Honestly, outside of degenerates, I have no idea who is ready for such madness.

You can get this directly from Mondo Macabro. The colors are gorgeous, the music sounds better than ever and the extras, like a documentary entitled D’Amato Totally Uncut: The Erotic Experience, brand new audio commentary by Eurotrash aficionados Bruce Holecheck and Nathaniel Thompson and a brand new interview with author David Flint, are worth just as much as the movie.

But man — you guys gotta warn me when you send me this kinda stuff. Still, much appreciated.

DISCLAIMER: We were sent this movie by Mondo Macabro. Luckily, my marriage survived.

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