Wonder Women (1973)

Dr. Tsu (Nancy Kwan, The World of Suzie Wong) and her army of women have captured 14 of the worlds greatest athletes, selling their organs, body parts and even bodies to rich old men who want to live forever.

Mike Harber (Ross Hagen, The Hellcats) is the insurance investigator who stumbles in on her mostly nude, all female, all karate kicking army while investigating a missing jai-lai player.

Roberta Collins (Unholy RollersDeath Race 2000) is in this, which makes it worth watching. Shirley Washington, the first black Ms. America, is in this as well. She was also in Darktown Strutters. There’s also Sid Haig, playing someone named Gregarious. And one of the girls is played by Maria De Aragon, who was Greedo. Yes. That’s correct. And Vic Diaz! Oh man!

There are also cockfights — Hagen would later make Supercock — and something called brainsex. Ah, the Philippines. May the movies that come off your island always be so strange.

This was directed by Robert Vincent O’Neill, who was also behind the first two Angel movies. He also wrote Deady Force and Vice Squad.

If the theme song sounds familiar, you probably own a bunch of Vinegar Syndrome blu rays.

You can watch this movie with Rifftrax commentary on Tubi.

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