FORGOTTEN HEROES: 3 Giant Men (1973)

In the world of Turkish cinema, Spider-Man leads a gang of counterfeiter who use murders people with outboar dmotors, axes and man-eating guinea pigs. Santo is a secret agent who rarely wears his mask and puts things directly into his pants, pockets by damned. And Captain America doesn't have a shield, smokes and brings his… Continue reading FORGOTTEN HEROES: 3 Giant Men (1973)

FUCKED UP FUTURES: Idaho Transfer (1973)

Karen Braden just got out of a mental hospital. Now, her father and sister, Isa, have taken her to a secret government facility in Idaho where they're working on matter transference. However, they've learned how to travel through time instead, which has taught them a sad fact: an ecological event will soon wipe out civilization.… Continue reading FUCKED UP FUTURES: Idaho Transfer (1973)

DANGEROUS WOMEN: They Call Her One Eye (1973) AKA Thriller A Cruel Picture

The poster says it all: "The movie that has no limits of evil." When people talk about grimy, evil pictures, this is the one they're talking about. Quentin Tarantino called this "the roughest revenge movie ever," and that's including I Spit on Your Grave and Last House on the Left, one would suppose. After all, Elle Driver… Continue reading DANGEROUS WOMEN: They Call Her One Eye (1973) AKA Thriller A Cruel Picture

WEEK OF MADE FOR TV MOVIES: Satan’s School for Girl’s (1973)

Satan ran the early 70s. I first learned about Anton LaVey and the Church of Satan as a child by reading the TV Guide Book of Lists. They asked him what the most Satanic TV shows were and he replied with a list that included so many of my favorite shows. It scared me as… Continue reading WEEK OF MADE FOR TV MOVIES: Satan’s School for Girl’s (1973)


After the lessons of There's Always Vanilla and Season of the Witch, The Crazies (also known as Code Name: Trixie) brings George Romero back to familiar territory: the towns surrounding Pittsburgh and how they deal with the collapse of society in the wake of a science fiction-related calamity. Shot on location in Evans City and Zelienople -- 30 miles north of… Continue reading GEORGE ROMERO TRIBUTE: The Crazies (1973)

GEORGE ROMERO TRIBUTE: Season of the Witch (1973)

The more you get into exploitation films, the more you get used to the same movie being released under many different names. Like this film, which started as Jack's Wife, was retitled and recast as a soft core porn movie called Hungry Wives, then became Season of the Witch after the success of Dawn of the Dead, then became a lost film for… Continue reading GEORGE ROMERO TRIBUTE: Season of the Witch (1973)