WILLIAM GREFE WEEK: The Devil’s Sisters (1966, finished in 2012)

William Grefe’s roughie The Devil’s Sisters was lost for some time, but luckily, we can all watch it (and know how it ends, as eight minutes of the last reel are missing and not even Gréfe can find one of the 34 other prints that were made of the film, other than the one he got from a German collector).

Teresa leaves behind her cop boyfriend who only cares about the carnal and heads to Tijuana for a job as a maid, which of course means that she ends up locked up on the bedroom of the evil Rita, serving her male customers and shedding her virginal past. How poetic — or horrid — is it when her man shows up and he calls her a whore instead of trying to save her?

Now that the law knows that she’s been taken, our heroine is taken to The Ranch, a place where pregnant streetwalkers are kept behind bars and the barbed wire Royal Marriage Bed is used to punish those foolhardy enough to try and escape.

Also known as Sisters of the Devil, this film has some real-life ties. It’s loosely based on the story of Las Poquianchis, in which Delfina and María de Jesús González used help wanted ads to find young women, got them hooked on drugs and then tricked them out.

I really enjoyed hearing Gréfe talk over the storyboards and wish the whole film had been done this way!

Sisters of the Devil is available on Arrow Video’s He Came from the Swamp box set. Diabolik DVD should have it in stock.

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