The Glove (1979)

Sam Kellog (Sam’s favorite actor ever, John Saxon) was a cop, but now he’s a bounty hunter. Working for Bill Schwartz (Keenan Wynn, LaserblastThe Devil’s Rain!), a bail bondsman, he brings in lowlifes for low money. His biggest frustration is that his ex-wife is going to cut off visits with his daughter over missed alimony. Then he gets the chance to earn $20,000 from his old boss, Lt. Kruger.

The mark? Victor Hale (Rosey Grier, former football player, needlepoint expert and the man who subdued Sirhan Sirhan), an ex-con who is suspected in the murder of his former prison guards. While he was in the joint, they used a five-pound, leather and steel riot glove to brutalize him. Now, someone — probably him — is using it for revenge.

The movie switches between Kellog and Hale. Kellog’s life is a mess while Hale is beloved by the people who live in the section 8 housing alongside him. He’s a jazz musician and has found his place in life, even if he is killing all those old guards.

Finally, our protagonists battle one another, with Hale even giving Kellog the glove to use. Their fight is a draw and they both collapse. Hale then rises and helps the bounty hunter to his feet, only to be shot by Kruger, who says that the bounty was for bringing in the man dead, not alive. Hale’s neighbors surround the evil cop and murder him.

The result? Kellog gets the bounty anyway and spends the day with his daughter.

This movie also features Joanna Cassidy (Who Framed Roger Rabbit?), Joan Blondell (The PhynxThe Blue Veil), Jack Carter (Alligator), Aldo Ray (Evils of the Night) and Michael Pataki (who is in probably more movies than anyone else we love other than Joh Saxon — witness Remo Williams: The Adventure BeginsHalloween 4The Return of Michael MyersGraduation DayDead and BuriedPink AngelsThe BabyAirport ’77 and many more).

It’s not a great movie, but it does have some great posters. And sometimes, that’s all you need to watch it.

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