Tales from the Darkside episode 7: “Inside the Closet”

“Inside the Closet” is one of the more famous episodes of Tales from the Darkside as it’s the first thing that was directed by Tom Savini. While writer Michael McDowell died at the too-young age of 49, he left behind scripts to films like BeetlejuiceThe Nightmare Before Christmas and Thinner.

It’s a very simple story: Gail (Roberta Weiss) needs a room so she can keep studying in college and ends up finding one from Dr. Fenner (Fritz Weaver), a professor whose daughter is away at college and wife has just died. Or so he says…

In 22-minutes, with two actors and sets, as well as little to no budget, Savini transforms the basic into one of the most frightening — and sweet, oddly — tales in this series. I’ve seen Lizzie up close and in person and it’s just as eerie in real life.

I’d rather not spoil too much, other than to say that Gail is not alone in the house and all of her fears are very, very real.

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