Hitcher In the Dark (1989)

I can hear you out there. You’re saying, I wish Umberto Lenzi made another movie in Florida right after Nightmare Beach. And I hope its a ripoff of The Hitcher but about a rich kid in an RV and that it’s so scummy that I feel like a Silkwood shower still wouldn’t make me feel clean.

Good news, friend. There’s Hitcher In the Dark, a film that crosses off every horrible thing on your deranged bucket list.

Mark Glazer wants to have sex with his dead mother.

If that upsets you, seriously, move on to another review.

He’s driving around in his rich daddy’s RV and picking up female hitchhikers to assault, murder and take Polaroids of. That’s when he runs into Daniela (Josie Bissett, who somehow moved on to the tamer — if that’s possible — Melrose Place), who he turns into a living version of his mother. And thanks to a cocktail of Stockholm Syndrome and Italian movie making magic, she starts to fall for our killer.

Originally, this movie ended with Mark getting away with it. But hey — they added on a little end where Daniela finally gets her revenge.

Amazingly, someone released this on a three pack with Hell High and The Majorettes. I can only imagine how people felt being confronted by this movie.

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