Zoltan…Hound of Dracula (1977)

You know how some idiot always ends up pulling the stake out of Dracula? This time, a moron does the same thing to Dracula’s dog Zoltan. Yes, an entire film about vampiric dogs — not to be confused with Devil Dog Hound of Hell — directed by Albert Band.

PS: We have more dogs on our list of Ten Horror Movie Dogs.

Veidt Smit (Reggie Nadler, who would go on to be Mr. Barlow in a much better vampire film, Salem’s Lot and Van Helsing in Dracula Sucks) was once the owner of the dog in the title, but Dracula (Michael Pataki!) turned man’s best friend against him.

Pataki also is the ancestor of Dracula, who Smit wants to carry on the family curse. So they start biting every dog — the family has four, which seems close to hording — including a really cute puppy that ends up surviving at the end — and looking like my much-missed long-eared pal Angelo, so this made me happy.

Star Trek fans will be overjoyed to see Arlene Martel (“Amok Time”) show up for a few minutes, as well as Jan Shutan (“Lights of Zetar”).

Let me tell you how dumb this movie is. We’re repeatedly told that Pataki is the last descendent of Dracula, but he has two kids. That’s how dumb it is.

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