Mat Monsters: Frankenstein’s Monster

Over the last few months, I’ve shared the legends of the squared circle’s Leatherfaces, an ersatz Freddy Krueger and more mummies than you can shake a snake covered stick at. Now, we’ve arrived at Mary Shelley’s creation — bet he uses a lot of Gold Bond Powder! As always, when wondering, “Where has a monster… Continue reading Mat Monsters: Frankenstein’s Monster

Mat Monsters: Mummies part 2

In our first mummy-centric installment, we covered the Mummies of the American South and West, as well as Argentina’s famous La Mumia. We’re not done yet! There are literally miles and miles of bandages covering tons and tons of the shambling and fighting Egyptian undead! Lucha mummies, Mexico, various If you aren’t familiar with Mexican… Continue reading Mat Monsters: Mummies part 2