VIDEO GAME WEEK: Double Dragon (1994)

Released in 1987 by Technos, Double Dragon is the spiritual successor to Nekketsu Kōha Kunio-kun (known to the US as Renegade), a game that was inspired by the high school life of creator Yoshihisa Kishimoto. Basically -- you fight to survive. When Renegade was released in the U.S., it was localized so that it appeared to be a video game… Continue reading VIDEO GAME WEEK: Double Dragon (1994)

Mat Monsters: Mummies part 1

Across the world, monsters have made their eerie presence known in nearly every promotion, from Mexico’s La Gronda and Monsther to Japan’s Survival Tobita’s battles against creatures such as Ape Virgon, Automatic Warrior and Mokujin Ken (“Ken the Box”). For the first of two entries, we’ll concentrate on the bandage and dust covered mummies of… Continue reading Mat Monsters: Mummies part 1