The Soul Collector (2020)

An old man, fated to collect souls for eternity, seeks atonement after trading his daughter’s soul in this feature film debut by South African writer-director by Harold Hölscher. The bankrupt William Zeil returns with his new wife, Sarah, and adopted daughter, Mary, to the family farm he inherited from his estranged father, with the hopes […]

Bad Impulse (2020)

Bad Impulse is a psychological thriller about family secrets exposed as result of modern technology. In the aftermath of his attack by loan sharks, Henry Sharpe (Grant Bowler), a suburban husband, father, and successful stockbroker, becomes a paranoid recluse. He comes to install a cutting-edge home security system from the mysterious Lou Branch (Paul Sorvino). […]

Shedding (2020)

Shedding is a retro-magical fantasy with a narrative structure created through an inventive use of music, camera work, editing, and actor-body language that harkens the French New Wave movement of the late ’50s. Shedding is the story of a Panda, a bored house cat who longs to escape his life and go outside—and with the […]

Earth II (1971)

You wanna see a movie directed by Uncle Rico’s dad, you know from Napoleon Dynamite . . . well, since we just finished off “James Bond Month,” Lazlo Hollyfeld from Real Genius? Then this is your movie. Earth II is directed by Jon Gries’s pop, Tom, whose bat-shite crazy TV series resume lead him to […]

ABC Afterschool Special: The Amazing Cosmic Awareness of Duffy Moon (1976)

If you read our reviews for the ABC Afterschool Special: Hewitt’s Just Different, along with CBS Schoolbreak Special: Portrait of a Teenage Shoplifter, and NBC Special Treat: New York City Too Far from Tampa Blues, then you’re up to speed on the backstory of the “Big Three” network’s competition for a slice of the young […]

NBC Special Treat: New York City Too Far from Tampa Blues (1979)

After ABC-TV found late-afternoon, weekday rating success with their Afterschool Special, NBC quickly followed with their weekday Special Treat anthology series that debuted in October 1975 and ran for eleven seasons until its 1986 cancellation. While not as popular ABC’s trailblazer or CBS-TV’s Schoolbreak Special knockoff, Special Treat had its share of standout episodes. Sunshine’s […]

Prey for the Wildcats (1974)

Do you want to see Sheriff Andy Taylor as sociopath? Do you want to see a spineless, suicidal Captain Kirk? How about Mike Brady as a bastardly dolt of a husband? Or Marjoe Gornter (Starcrash and The Survivalist) with a knocked up girlfriend half his age? How about a movie where they’re bedding and cheating […]