Mad Foxes (1981)

This Spanish revenge movie — with a Nazisploitation twist — is all about a man getting back at the bikers who killed his wife. Sounds simple? Well, there are tons of scenes that upset U.K. censors, including rape, gore, castration and nunchakus. Yes, that’s right. Not the Nazi stuff. But the nunchakus. According to the […]

Love Camp 7 (1969)

“It should be comforting for you to know that you’ll always have a friend, here, at Love Camp 7.” — The Commandant, making the understatement of the decade Sam the Bossman, who touched on this ’80s VHS ditty with his three part “Video Nasties” series nails it: there’s just some films that ask for it. […]

The Misadventures of Mistress Maneater (2021)

This “romantic comedy with jagged edges” is the feature film debut by the Chicago-based acting, writing and directing team of C.J. Julianus and his wife Lorrisa Julianus, under their Binary Star Pictures banner. Filmed throughout the Chicago area, our maneating mistress Ava Moriatry (Lorrisa Julianus) is a disgraced Art History PhD with a unique sideline […]

Vibrations (1996)

Amid the flurry of Beatles movies we reflected on during this third “Rock ‘n’ Roll Week” with our “The Beatles: Influence on Film” series, this one-watch, utterly forgettable Beatles-inspired sidebar came to mind. Then there’s our memorializing the late Tawny Kitaen . . . and our remembering her work in the analogous, sick ‘n sensitive […]

Yesterday (2019) or: We Wish Hollywood Would Make a Bioflick about Russ Ballard Instead of Freddy Mercury and Elton John

In the “alternate universe” of the musical-fantasy, Yesterday, a failed singer/songwriter gets a bump on the head and wakes up in a world where the Fab Four never existed; he subsequently becomes an overnight sensation with the greatest hit-making album in the world — based on the Lennon-McCartney catalog (Who?). In this writer’s ‘Yesterday’: R.D […]

Black and Blue, aka Black & Blue (1981)

Acclaimed music video director Jay Dubin* made his feature film debut with this chronicle of Black Sabbath’s and Blue Öyster Cult’s co-headlining “Black & Blue” tour, which became, not only a concert box office smash, but also a hit on the U.S. “Midnight Movie”** circuit — alongside AC/DC: Let There Be Rock, released in 1980 […]

Immortal (1995)

So, after reviewing the North Carolina-shot rock flicks Rockin’ Road Trip (that featured Marietta, Georgia’s Guadalcanal Diary) and Bandwagon (shot by and featuring members of Raleigh, North Carolina’s the Connells) for our latest “Rock ‘n’ Roll Week,” I recalled this SOV vampire obscurity also shot in North Carolina — and it stars another of that […]