Slaughter High (1986)

A prank goes wrong on April Fool's Day and suddenly, the makers of Friday the 13th realize that the title is already taken, so instead, we have Slaughter High. Really. It actually had that title until they discovered it was taken. Years ago, the cool kids screwed Marty the nerd. However, these pranks go way past… Continue reading Slaughter High (1986)

Terrorvision (1986)

Movies like this are why we created this website. Terrorvision is a lunatic voyage into the 80's with tongue planted so firmly in cheek, it's gorily popping out the other side. It's one of the strangest films you'll see. And it gets a high recommendation from us. Why? Ted Nicolaou directed more than just this… Continue reading Terrorvision (1986)

MORE FUCKED UP FUTURES: Hands of Steel (1986)

Francis Turner (John Saxon, who I will opine is my favorite American actor in a foreign genre film ever) has created a cyborg who is 70% robot and 30% human, Paco Queruak. He programs him to kill a scientist with plans to cure acid rain (that was a big problem back in the 80's that, much… Continue reading MORE FUCKED UP FUTURES: Hands of Steel (1986)

WATCH THE SERIES: Friday the 13th part 2

By 1984, Jason wasn't going anywhere, even if every single sequel promised his final kill or the final chapter or the end of the series. As they say in pro wrestling, red means green. And Jason was bringing in plenty of both. (PS - We have an article on Jason in wrestling right here!) Friday… Continue reading WATCH THE SERIES: Friday the 13th part 2

HOUSE WEEK: House (1986)

Steve Miner has so many cinematic sins to deal with -- Soul Man, My Father the Hero, Big Bully (the next to last live action film Rick Moranis would appear in), Halloween H20: 20 Years Later -- that you almost forget that he started his career making the second and third installments of Friday the 13th and today's movie, House. Roger Cobb (William Katt, Carrie)… Continue reading HOUSE WEEK: House (1986)

FULCI WEEK: The Devil’s Honey (1986)

Also known as Dangerous Obsession, this movie was intended to be Lucio Fulci's comeback after more than a year of dealing with hepatitis. It's a return to the giallo (or at least sexually related drama) that he was creating in the early 70's instead of the gore that he'd become infamous for throughout the 80's, but… Continue reading FULCI WEEK: The Devil’s Honey (1986)