Bobbie Jo and the Outlaw (1976)

Mark Lester’s IMDB list is filled with drive-in and VHS era gold. There’s Steel Arenatruck Stop WomenRoller Boogie (with Linda Blair, of course), Class of 1984 and it’s kinda/sorta spiritual sequel Class of 1999FirestarterCommando and Showdown in Little Tokyo.

This American Internation Pictures release was written by Vernon Zimmerman, who has gifted us with just as many demented films as Lester. You can thank him for Teen Witch — Top That! — as well as Fade to Black and Unholy Rollers.

Together, these two titans of, well, movies that only I love joined up to make a modern Bonnie and Clyde redneck film starring former child minister Marjoe Gortner and future Wonder Woman Lynda Carter.

Young country singer and dreamer Bobbie Jo Baker (Carter) runs away from her job as a carhop to ride around in a Ford Mustang with Lyle Wheeler (Gortner), who fancies himself the modern-day Billy the Kid. Gortner was the second choice for the lead after Sylvester Stallone backed out, which would have made the Lyle role seem much more menacing.

Belinda Balaski, who is in nearly every Joe Dante movie, shows up, as does Peggy Stewart (she’s an actress from the cowboy era who was also in the redneck film Black Oak Conspiracy) and Gerrit Graham, who was Beef in Phantom of the Paradise and also made appearances in TerrorVision and Chopping Mall.

You should watch this movie to see Marjoe do mushrooms, but for many, there’s a major other reason to see this movie, called out on the poster. If only they had spelled Lynda Carter’s name correctly…

If you think the world hasn’t changed, just take a look at the main selling point of this film: the opportunity to see Lynda Carter topless. 

You can watch this on Amazon Prime.

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