Strange Shadows in an Empty Room (1976)

Known in Italy as Una Magnum Special per Tony Saitta (A Magnum Special for Tony Saitta) and Blazing Magnum in the UK, this movie caught my attention with Stuart Whitman as a "Dirty Harry" type detective named -- you guessed it -- Tony Saitta solving the giallo-esque murder of his sister. She was played by Carole Laure, a Quebec… Continue reading Strange Shadows in an Empty Room (1976)

Hollywood Man (1976)

Jack Starrett may be best known for Blazing Saddles, but he was also in plenty of biker movies like The Born Losers, Hells Angels on Wheels, Angels from Hell and Hell's Bloody Devils. He moved on to directing, making films like Run, Angel, Run; Nam's Angels; Cleopatra Jones; Race With the Devil and Kiss My Grits.  William Smith is an actor… Continue reading Hollywood Man (1976)

Rattlers (1976)

Harry Novak, welcome back to B&S About Movies! You brought us The Child. You brought us Wham! Bam! Thank You, Spaceman! You brought us Dr. Frankenstein's Castle of Freaks, The Sinful Dwarf and Toys Are Not for Children, not to mention Suburban Pagans, Please Don't Eat My Mother! and Indiscreet Stairway. The Sultan of Sexploitation! The King of Camp! And as H. Hershey,… Continue reading Rattlers (1976)

Ape Week: O Trapalhao no Planalto dos Macacos (1976): The Brazilian "Planet of the Apes"

O Trapalhao no Planalto dos Macacos translates to A Tramp on the Plateau of the Apes and is part of a 1970's series of Brazilian comedy films where The Tramps found their way to all sorts of situations and eventually other movies, such as The Wizard of Oz and Star Wars. The Tramps are Didi, Dede, Mussum and… Continue reading Ape Week: O Trapalhao no Planalto dos Macacos (1976): The Brazilian "Planet of the Apes"

Look What’s Happened to Rosemary’s Baby (1976)

When audiences turned in to the ABC Friday Night Movie on October 29, 1976, they got to see the sequel to one of the biggest horror films ever. However, what they ended up watching had little to nothing to do with its inspiration, 1968's Rosemary's Baby, or the Ira Levin-written sequel Son of Rosemary. The only actor… Continue reading Look What’s Happened to Rosemary’s Baby (1976)

The Little Girl Who Lives Down the Lane (1976)

What kind of movie is this? Is it horror? A children's film? A coming of age story? A feminist or child's rights message film? Or is it as director Nicolas Gessner said, "a teenage love story"? The American release of the film -- which was rated PG and deleted the nude scene that Foster refused,… Continue reading The Little Girl Who Lives Down the Lane (1976)

Mansion of the Doomed (1976)

Call it Mansion of the Doomed. Or The Terror of Dr. Chaney. You may also refer to it as Eyes, Eyes of Dr. Chaney, House of Blood or Massacre Mansion. But whatever name you choose to refer to this Charles Band produced, Michael Pataki directed movie, you will probably enjoy it. Seriously, it's packed with sleaze, eyeballs being… Continue reading Mansion of the Doomed (1976)

Massacre at Central High (1976)

23 years before Columbine, Massacre at Central High would predict not just violent school shootings but the rise of disaffected teenagers. It was directed by Rene Daalder, a Dutch writer and director who would go on to pioneer motion picture technology and virtual reality. David is the new kid at Central High, but he already… Continue reading Massacre at Central High (1976)