Queen Kong (1976)

From the lunacy of A*P*E* to Toho’s seminal King Kong Escapes — with a sideways glance at a Kong novelty record — I’ve been devoted to studying everything Kong related in celebration of the big gorilla’s return to the big screen. But 1976’s Queen Kong nearly broke me. Due to legal action by Dino De Laurentiis, maker of the bloated 70s… Continue reading Queen Kong (1976)

A*P*E* (1976)

I’ve always seen the 1976 Dino De Laurentiis produced King Kong as a big budget rip-off of the original instead of a remake. Therefore, that makes South Korea’s The Great Counterattack of King Kong an inferior copy of a poor copy. Released in the United States as A*P*E*, Attack of the Giant Horny Gorilla and Hideous Mutant, this is one schlocky piece of… Continue reading A*P*E* (1976)