Vampire Hookers (1978)

Cemetery GirlsVampire Hookers of HorrorNight of the Bloodsuckers, Sensuous Vampires and Twice Bitten. Whatever name we give this co-production of the Philippines and the United States — directed by the infamous Cirio H. Santiago — we can all appreciate that John Carradine plays the vampire Richmond Reed, who has hired a gang of women to draw in new blood for his veins.

Suzy (Lenka Novak, who made her first living as a nude model in Europe, appeared in Mayfair and had a brief career in films like Moonshine County Express and as one of the naked women in “Catholic High School Girls in Trouble” in The Kentucky Fried Movie), Cherish (Karen Stride, Three-Way Weekend) and Marcy (Katie Dolan, one and done with this movie) are the girls and yeah, you can see that Richmond Reed is a man with a great plan.

Vampire Hookers was written by Howard R. Cohen, who may have only lived 56 years on this planet, but still found the time and energy to be a party joke editor for Playboy, write books and also write Unholy RollersStryker and episodes of The Care Bears and Rainbow Brite, as well as direct Saturday the 14thSaturday the 14th Strikes Back and Deathstalker IV: Match of Titans.

Sure, the movie isn’t great, but it did teach me that John Carradine’s real name is Richmond Reed Carradine.

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