After the end of the world, water is in short supply. One woman has the key to the last fresh water on Earth, which is guarded by Amazons. She gets taken and tortured by an army of road warriors and only one man can save her. Stryker!

Cirio H. Santiago! Hello, old friend! We’ve watched so many of your movies, like Demon of ParadiseWheels of Fire and The Big Bird Cage. Here, you’ll take us to Armageddon and beyond!

Our heroine, Delha, is on the run from Kardis and his gang. Luckily, Stryker (Steve Sandor, the voice of Darkwolf from Fire and Ice and Orion on the 1990’s Superman cartoon) and Bandit (William Ostrander, Christine) are here to help.

Delha has been trying to contact Trun, Stryker’s estranged brother, to help defend her colony. But Bazil, one of his Trun’s second-in-command guys, betrays them. Stryker is captured and tortured, but luckily he gave some dwarves water. So they come and rescue him just in time for the rest of Trun’s soldiers to defeat Kardis and give everyone the water they need.

There is also an entire army of Amazons wearing football shoulder pads, because that’s what you do in the future. Stryker goes more for the western look and he makes it work.

You can grab the blu ray of the Kino Classics reissue of this film from Diabolik DVD.

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