AMPHIBIAN WEEK: Demon of Paradise (1987)

Cirio Santiago was the president of the Philippines Film Development Fund, a position that charged him with improving the quality of Filipino films and encouraging the production of foreign movies on location in the Philippines. But you may know him better for movies like FirehawkT.N.T. JacksonStryker or Vampire Hookers (or Cemetery Girls or Ladies of the Night or Night of the Bloodsuckers or Sensuous Vampires or Twice Bitten, title depending).

Let me see if I can sum this one up: fire-twirling women take part in rituals to keep a fish god happy. Illegal dynamite fishing ends the hibernation of this fish god, Akua, who wakes up and starts eating human flesh. A sheriff and female herpetologist must join forces and stop the beast, which they do by blowing it up real good.

I’m trying to think of one good reason for you to watch this movie. Hmm. Kathryn Witt has on tight 80’s jeans? The sheriff’s name is Keefer? It feels more like a travelogue film than something gripping and filled with drama? I’m doing a horrible job on these last two films. I mean, you start with Creature from the Black Lagoon and it’s all downhill from here this week, huh?

If this feels like you just read the review of Up from the Depths again, imagine how I felt watching both of these films on the same DVD from Shout! Factory!

2 thoughts on “AMPHIBIAN WEEK: Demon of Paradise (1987)

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