Tales from the Darkside episode 17: Madness Room

Directed by John Hayes (the director of Dream No EvilGrave of the Vampire and Jailbait Babysitter!) and written by Thomas Epperson, this episode of Tales from the Darkside has Edward Osborne (Stuart Whitman!) and his much younger wife Cathy (Therese Pare, who was the lead in Hayes’ previously mentioned Jailbait Babysitter) — along with employee and his wife’s secret lover Michael Fox (Nick Benedict) — discovering that there is a secret room within home thanks to the use of a spirit board.

They begin speaking to Ben, the last owner of the house and now a ghost, who relates that the Madness Room hidden inside the house, but with a name like that and also the fact that it’s a room filled with hanging dolls that looks straight out of a giallo, nothing good can come of this. Sure, it’s a scheme by the two secret adulterers to give the weak-hearted Edward a cardiac overload, but when this has one more than one twist in its short running time.

After a few weeks of unfunny and not frightening episodes, the simple Ouija and haunted house elements in this, handled by a more than competent director, show just how good this show can be.

Want more Ouija info? Here’s an entire article on spirit boards in movies.

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