MORE FUCKED UP FUTURES: Chosen Survivors (1974)

Hours before a nuclear attack, couples that have been matched by computer are taken to an underground shelter so they can eventually repopulate the Earth. A great plan, if it wasn’t for the vampire bats!

Starring Jackie Cooper (Superman), Richard Jaeckel (Grizzly), Bradford Dillman (The Swarm), Star Trek: TNG’s Diana Muldaur, Lincoln Kilpatrick (who has an amazing scene where he tries to find a way out by climbing up and out) and more, this post-apocalyptic film is very 70s. There’s a lot of talking, not much action and plenty of in-fighting.

Can what’s left of humanity get along long enough to make some post-bomb babies? Will the bats bite their butts? Will you be offended when a rape scene turns into a seduction because this is the 70’s? These questions and more will all be answered.

3 thoughts on “MORE FUCKED UP FUTURES: Chosen Survivors (1974)

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