Bad Channels (1992)

Ted Nicolaou directed Subspecies, TerrorVision and The Dungeonmaster in addition to this film, where two aliens named Cosmo and Lump take over Superstation 66, a small radio station in Pahoota, California. Meanwhile, DJ Dan O’Dare and Flip Humble have a scam going on that involves a car and polka records. If you haven’t figured out by now that Bad Channels is weird, here’s your confirmation.

Most of Bad Channels is made up of music video performances from DMT, Blind Faith and Sykotik Sinfoney, dancing fungus and humans getting shrunk down. Original MTV VJ Martha Quinn shows up. There’s also a nun playing guitar in a shopping cart.

Even crazier, Blue Öyster Cult scored this entire movie!

When Becca and I first started dating, she was looking everywhere for a copy of this movie. I got it for her and it solidified our relationship. Therefore, I love this movie a lot more than your average person.

It amazes me that this movie was made in 1992 and not at any time in the 1980’s. Nurse Ginger from this movie would return in 1993’s Dollman vs. Demonic Toys, a crossover film of Full Moon properties.

2 thoughts on “Bad Channels (1992)

  1. This movie, in my mind, is a loose “homage” to the rock ‘n’ roll films of the ’50s. Not that it makes it any good. If you notice in those ’50s rock films, they were all heavily padded with music sequences to fill out the short run times. Pull out the “rock videos” and you have a 50 minute film.

    I have to say the songs from DMT and Sykotik Sinfoney are pretty darn entertaining tunes, though. I’ve only seen the CD soundtrack once . . . and didn’t buy it, and regretted it.

    In the end, like with Alfonzo Brescia, Charles Band (through Empire and Full Moon) is such a huge part of my video-teen years, I can’t not love anything with Band’s name on it. As for Dollman vs. Demonic Toys: As you pointed out, it wrapped up the story lines, as I recall, of no less than 5 Band films . . . Dollman, Demonic Toys, Bad Channels, of course . . . can’t recall the other two . . . and I want to say that it all came back–again–with 94’s Shunken Heads and 99’s Blood Dolls in some shape or form. Didn’t Jack Deth figth the Shunken Heads, or JD was in Shrunken Heads? Gotta keep recycling those props and costumes and get the most for your buck!


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