Six Years Gone (2022)

Six years after her daughter was abducted, Carrie Dawson’s (Veronica Jean Trickett) life has hit rock bottom. But what if her daughter is still alive? That’s the story of director and writer Warren Dudley’s film.

Carrie was once the single mother of Lolly, living in a gorgeous house in Brighton paid for by her ex-husband Dan. She’s started dating again and her mother Mary (Sarah Priddy) is taking care of Lolly, but when her dementia gets worse and she forgets to pick her up from school, Lolly is never found.

Six years later, Carrie lives in a small apartment and can barely make ends meet as she struggles to care for her mother. Her only hope comes with a Facebook page for missing kids that she runs. And to make ends meet, she finds herself doing sex work. But one day, she finds the clues that may point to Lolly still being alive all these years later.

This is an emotionally fraught movie with true darkness — and hope still — inside it.

You can watch this on Tubi.

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