JOE D’AMATO WEEK: God Is My Colt 45 (1972)

A lot of times when watching Italian westerns I wonder, “Did I see this before?”

Sometimes that’s a trick question as this movie remixes Anche per Django le carogne hanno un prezzo (Even for Django, Death Has a Price) and Paid in Blood, which were both directed by Luigi Batzella.

I say directed and probably should have quotes around it because just like The Devil’s Wedding Night there’s a prevailing notion that Joe D’Amato is the one who really directed this.

Jeff Cameron saves a town from bandits as Captain Mike Jackson. Cameron was born Goffredo Scarciofolo and only made two more movies after this; the majority of his films are either westerns or peplum. Krista Nell, who tragically died way too young at the age of 28, is in this, as are Gianfranco Clerici (who went on to write Don’t Torture a Duckling, The AntichristCannibal Holocaust and The New York Ripper), Attilio Dottesio (Death Smiles at a Murderer) and Donald O’Brien, who was in so many of my favorite Italian movies that it’s hard to just pick one (or fifteen) to list.

The western genre was dying, but better things would come for D’Amato.

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