JOE D’AMATO WEEK: Top Girl (1997)

Patricia (Carla Solaro, Snuff Killer) is a small town girl who makes the big time, getting to be the newest star on a prime time show called The Voice of the Heart and moving to Los Angeles, falling for the man who makes her famous, the callous Mike (Robert Madison, the son of cowboy star Guy Madison).

This is totally a soap opera but a Joe D’Amato one (he directed, wrote and shot this as Fred Slonisko) and what’s off is that somehow Carla Solaro had a body double which seems ridiculous for someone starring in one of Joe’s movies but life is full of magic isn’t it?

I’m looking through other reviews of this movie and people are tearing it apart and I’m thinking, hey, this is a 1997 Joe D’Amato softcore movie and there’s a scene where the evil old guy gets to sleep with the heroine and I’m thinking the old dude is way too buff for his age and good for him. That should tell you the level of storytelling here in that I’m thinking about that.

Also, Mike is a mass media expert and I’ve been in marketing for too long and I’ve never met one of those. I think I’ve been living my life wrong. I mean, I know I am, I just watched sixty Joe D’Amato movies in one week.

But hey, Top Girl is no Top Model. I think we can all admit that.

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