The Bloodsucker Leads the Dance (1975)

Films just show up in my YouTube subscriptions and I watch them, always hungry to discover something new. Imagine my surprise when I looked up and this film went from a giallo to a totally NSFW affair!

Dublin, 1902. As an acting troupe finishes their latest show, Count Marnack shows up and invites Evelyn and her friends — Cora, Rosalind, Penny and stagehand Samuel — to his castle. Once they get there, everyone but Samuel gets down — as we share a name I was displeased by this. But seriously, I was not expecting hardcore insert shots on YouTube. I figure they had a program to catch things like that (they caught a clip of a song in a trailer we used and took one of our podcast posts down and they let this go?)!

The secret is that the Count’s father and grandfather killed their brides with a ceremonial dagger. And the Count’s first wife went missing long ago. Soon, people start showing up with their heads missing. So whodunnit? The maid? The gardener? A ghost?

This film boasts some nice period costumes and settings, but it’s patently ridiculous. It wants to be a giallo but where those films are sexy, this is just plain rutting in the sheets. I feel like Jon Lovitz’s character Evelyn Quince from SNL’s Tales of Ribaldry. “No, no, no, no, we’ll have none of this! You’ve gone too far! You’ve ruined it for me!”

That said, I’ve never seen a movie go from pornography to an Agatha Christy style resolution within its running time. That said, the insert scenes weren’t in the original cut and were only added when the film was released in France as L’insatiable Samantha in 1977.

2 thoughts on “The Bloodsucker Leads the Dance (1975)

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