Demons 3 (1991)

Hitcher In the Dark. Nightmare Beach.The Man from Deep River. Eaten Alive! Cannibal Ferox. Ghosthouse. Iron Master. And throw in even more -- Eyeball, Spasmo, Orgasmo, So Sweet…So Perverse and A Quiet Place to Kill. Man, I love Umberto Lenzi and his films. I didn't even mention his crime films! Originally known as Black Demons, this was Lenzi's last horror movie. In… Continue reading Demons 3 (1991)

Silent Night, Deadly Night 5: The Toy Maker (1991)

Mickey Rooney famously decried the original Silent Night, Deadly Night. He said that the scum who made it should be run out of town for having sullied the sacredness of Christmas. Yet here he is, starring in the fifth installment. Hollywood is funny that way. Neith Hunter, Clint Howard and Conan Yuzna -- who played Kim,… Continue reading Silent Night, Deadly Night 5: The Toy Maker (1991)

Closet Land (1991)

With Closet Land, Radha Bharadwaj became the first director of Indian descent to have a film released by a major Hollywood studio. This movie was produced by Ron Howard and Brian Grazer and basically only features two actors, Madeleine Stowe as Victim and Alan Rickman as Interrogator. In an unspecified country and time, Victim is… Continue reading Closet Land (1991)

The People Under the Stairs (1991)

Wes Craven was inspired by a news story from the late 1970s, in which two burglars broke into a Los Angeles household, leading the police to discover two African-American children who had been locked away by their parents. There was little studio interference on this $6 million dollar film, which ended up being a modest… Continue reading The People Under the Stairs (1991)

The Terror Within 2 (1991)

Andrew Stevens is back after the first film, this time helping the last human colony to survive underground against the mutants who yearn to destroy them. He also falls in love with another survivor long enough for her to be impregnated by a mutant, because that's what these movies are all about. You know,… Continue reading The Terror Within 2 (1991)

Omega Cop (1990) and Karate Cop (1991)

About the Author: You can read the music and film reviews of R.D Francis on Medium and learn more about his work on Facebook. He also writes for B&S Movies. The bolo tie-wearing Prescott (Adam West) runs a “Special Police” force in the year 1999 from a one-room set (that he never leaves) via a… Continue reading Omega Cop (1990) and Karate Cop (1991)

Riki-Oh: The Story of Ricky (1991)

Writer and director Lam Ngai Kai's films combine comedy, action, adventure and horror, often less concerned with narrative. Despite a long career, starting with films for the Shaw Brothers all the way to several standouts in the 80's and 90's such as The Ghost Snatchers and The Cat, he's best known in the west for this film.… Continue reading Riki-Oh: The Story of Ricky (1991)