Tales from the Darkside episode 19: Levitation

Frank (Brad Cowgill) and Arnie (Anthony Tomkins) have traveled for hours to see Kharma (Joe Turkel, Lloyd from The Shining) perform. Frank had heard that Kharma could do the kind of magic that only Houdini was able to conjure, yet he learns that the magician just does the simplest of magic. His assistant Flora (Cynthia Frost) explains that he’s exhausted but Frank gets past her and asks why Kharma no longer does his levitation trick. He tries to explain how dangerous it is, but Frank isn’t satisfied. He starts to heckle every time Kharma tries to perform until he’s called on stage to be part of it. He should have perhaps not pushed an occultist so far.

Directed by John Harrison, who directed eight episodes of this series and the movie, as well as music for EffectsCreepshow and Day of the Dead, this was written by David Gerrold (who also wrote the “If the Shoes Fit…” episode) from a story by Jospeh Payne Brennan.

It’s one of the best episodes of the show, setting up the idea, creating a great story out of it and even better, having a dark payoff. If someone asked me for an episode of the show they should watch, this would be it.

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